Now is the time...

To bring Suffolk in line with the rest of Hampton Roads, and the Commonwealth of Virginia, by establishing pre-trial services. 

Did you know that Suffolk is the only city in Hampton Roads that does not offer pre-trial services?  Of the 133 counties and cities in the Commonwealth of Virginia, only three do not offer pre-trial services.  Why should we lag behind the rest of the Commonwealth in terms of the availability of services?  Offering pre-trial services in Suffolk means that in lieu of paying cash bonds, low-risk individuals suspected of committing non-violent offenses can be released to pre-trial monitoring and supervision while their cases are pending.

Now is the time...

To establish mental health dockets in Suffolk courts.

Did you know that the vast majority of people with mental illness who interact with the criminal justice system do not pose a threat to public safety?  Housing an individual with mental illness in jail costs 3 times as much as community mental health services.  Let's address mental illness in a smarter way; connecting low-risk defendants with mental health services and monitoring.  This approach will enable Suffolk to improve individual outcomes and will result in cost savings that can be reinvested in other needed areas.  

Now is the time...

To ensure Suffolk remains safe and beautiful for future generations.

Did you know that trash and hazardous materials are being illegally dumped in our City?  This illegal dumping is polluting our city and causing us, as taxpayers, to fund someone else's clean-up.  Let's get serious about tackling a problem that harms the entire community; by prosecuting these environmental offenders and holding them responsible for their pollution.   

Now is the time Suffolk

Vote Narendra R. Pleas for Suffolk Commonwealth's Attorney